University of Massachusetts Amherst | Bachelor in Science 2018

  • Natural Resource Conservation | 3.3 GPA
  • Relevant Coursework:
    • Introduction to Botany
    • Forest Ecology
    • Plant Identification
    • Forest Measurement



Smith College Botanic Gardens | Northampton, MA      Summer 2017

Arboriculture Internship                       

  • Shadowed the arborist of Smith College Botanic Gardens
  • Used GIS to study invasive plants along the Mill River and uphold the agreement between Smith College and the City of Northampton to control invasive species
  • Maintained the Botanic Garden by weeding, planting, removals, pruning, propagating, etc.


University of Massachusetts Amherst |Amherst, MA                               Spring 2017

Research Assistant Internship for Jackson Aquatic Connectivity Team

  • Assisted a graduate student with her research on wetland assessment
  • Managed my work independently for 10 hours a week
  • Problem solved to find land owners of way points on ArcGIS


University of Massachusetts Amherst |Amherst, MA                               Spring 2017

Research Assistant for Bethany Bradley’s Spatial Ecology Lab

  • Assisted a PhD student with her research on carbon sequestration in plants
  • Analyzed ArcGIS to help create maps of pinyon juniper woodlands
  • Participated in weekly lab discussions


University of Massachusetts Amherst |Amherst, MA                               Fall 2016

Teaching Assistant for Natural Resource Conservation Department

  • Attended class twice a week to assist a professor at UMass Amherst
  • Acted as a leader and mentor to the students in the classroom


National Grid | Northampton, MA                                                                   Summer 2016

Summer Arboriculture Internship

  • Shadowed an arborist for 40 hours a week
  • Detected disease or death in vegetation while practicing plant identification
  • Learned the basics about electricity, wires, poles and transmissions
  • Communicated with customers about the health of their trees



  • Independent Study | Pichelimu, Chile Spring 2017
    • Traveled to Chile for ten days with “Biocitizen” and “Superfun Chile”
    • Studied the culture, native plants and the sustainable practices
    • Created a blog with videos, pictures and text to synthesize the information



  • Microsoft Office – Power Point, Word and Excel
  • ArcGIS
  • Social media
  • WordPress Blogs
  • iMovie

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