Termas Del Flaco


Our ride to Termas was very long and very funny. We were crammed into our van Gus Gus and set out to the Andes. We traveled through wine country and saw beautiful vineyards from the highways. We talked and laughed and told stories to make the car ride go quicker. We thought about the foods back home that we missed, like a meatball grinder from Joe’s Pizza.

To get to the small town of Termas Del Flaco you have to drive along a narrow, one lane road on the edge of the mountains. This means that there are certain hours for cars to go up and other hours for cars to come down. The day we arrived was a holiday so the hours were different from what we thought they would be. The road was closed to cars going up for hours. But! We talked it over with the guard and went up the hydroelectric power company’s roads since the gate had been broken. We traveled up this bumpy, sketchy road for almost an hour. Halfway through the drive we noticed something wrong with our roof rack. Through all of the bumps, our roof rack gave out and broke. We ended up driving the rest of the road with all of our luggage on top of us. This sight was funny to see.

Once we arrived the town was incredibly breath taking. The color of the mountains were unlike anything I had seen with purples and reds skewed across them. We pulled up to our small yellow and orange hostel to check in and unload. The owner of the hostel met us outside, he was so happy to see us. He said we were the first guests he had all year since the tourist season just began. Once we found our rooms we sat out on the covered tiled porch to enjoy some much needed cerveza.

Termas del Flaco gets its name from the hot springs that nestle below the Andes in this town. That night after dinner we all went to enjoy the hot springs. These hot springs are not what I expected since I always see pictures of the natural hot springs in places like Iceland. In Termas del Flaco the hot springs looked like a community pool. It costs 3 lucas to get into the pools. Once you step in you realize that the pools are only about 3 feet deep and the floor of them is all mud. There are rock benches along the side of the pools to sit on and soak your body. After being in the car all day this felt amazing.



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