Where this “idea” comes from


I want to take this blog post to explain how I came up with the name of this blog – My Chilean Style. This concept started with a story that Emilio told us and then Kurt created a prompt for us to write about this. The prompt reads:

Can you use the idea of the topos to explain what Emilio calls “Chilean style’? What is it?  1) isolate a single example of it, and 2) try to explain how the personal behavior you witnessed was either a result of the destruction or creation of that person’s topos. How did all the things they can’t control, things bigger than themselves, determine their behavior or actions.

“Emilio told us that Chileans have a different time. He said that if you ask them to do a job for you, you will get someone who says ‘ok – sometime I will do it later, I will get to it, I was about to do it but something came up.’

To me – Chilean style is doing things on your own time. Most people are very happy and content. Some stores have the oddest hours here because it really doesn’t matter. In the U.S. this would never fly. But Chilean style is the life style here. I believe that some people think that Chileans are hurting from some things changing in their country – deforestation, monopolization, new construction. But I think that every country goes through this. Every place becomes  affected by new technology and new advances in society. I believe that these are unavoidable but I don’t think that have an affect of what I think of as “Chilean style.”Chilean style is a mind set and a life style that I think has always happened. Maybe some people have a different idea of Chilean style but I’m not sure if the deconstruction or creation of a person’s topos (their community or environment) has a huge affect. Or maybe it does but personally I believe that it is just the mindset.

As we wrote journal entries from these prompts, we wrote quickly and quietly. Our goal was to get as much information down from our heads onto paper before we moved onto the next prompt.

I really love the concept of Chilean style because I believe that every culture has this certain attitude or mindset that is instilled in their society. I’m using this blog to show how the Chilean style rubbed off on me – this blog shows how I interpreted their culture and mindset. My Chilean style is all about the relationship I made with the country and culture for ten days. Its amazing how much impact only ten days can have on your life.

I have almost completed talking about my time spent in Pichilemu. The beautiful, lively beach town that I’m dreaming about going surfing at again. Keep following me through this journey – up next is the Andes.


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