Thoughts from 12.29.16

“I keep forgetting I’m in Chile. Everything is similar but still different to me. As we drove three hours from Santiago to Pichilemu I started to look at the trees along the highway. I saw plants that I could recognize belonging to certain families – theres a Salix, a Pinus and something like a Populous with the waving leaves and flat petioles. We arrived to Pichilemu when it was dark and I was tired after traveling for thirty hours.

As I sit outside on our deck I’m surrounded by all of these plants I can’t recognize. The neighbor is blasting Spanish music and I love it. And there are some noises of hammers or drills going on from the construction of new homes in the neighborhood. My face is completely red from surfing this morning. My hair is full of sand and salt. I’m trying to drink a lot of water to keep my body healthy.”



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